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Hypnoxys Decentralized Messaging Application Successfully Reaches Hard-Cap with Incentivised Dapp

Hypnoxys Press Release

Bitcoin Press Release: The Hypnoxys team proudly reveals a successfully funded crypto-incentivised messaging application and protocol.

February 25, 2019, Denmark Hypnoxys (HYPX) is a project with the dream of decentralizing the ‘chatting industry’ and as such, has developed a multi-functional messenger app and protocol that delivers all the staples of instant messaging such as group chats, audio, and video calls etc., whilst also offering a native token that can be earned through using the application.

Time for Change

Instant messengers come in all shapes and sizes, though they typically offer simplistic over-used features that are lacking in innovation and are simply advertising revenue streams for their stakeholders. Furthermore, centralized systems have been taking advantage of user data and conversations for quite some time, and that needs to change.

With HYPX, it will change. By tapping into blockchain technology, users can rest easy knowing that their conversations aren’t visible to centralized entities. They are instead bolstered by the tech and made highly secure through encryption.

Messages for straight from the user to the blockchain without any go-betweens, they are then encrypted with a process called HYPX-crypt, making them impossible to be decrypted by anyone.


On the multiplatform Dapp (Decentralized Application), the native crypto, HYPX, can be earned by holders of the token who utilize the application and willingly accept advertising.

Additionally, when a user holds 5,000,000 HYPX tokens and adds advertising to the application, their HYPX earnings are boosted by a 1.25x multiplier, and higher revenue can be gained.

Furthermore, HYPX can be transferred between users through the Dapp, paving the way for a possible ecosystem to develop and grow in the HYPX community.

Now and Then

The HYPX model has proven successful with investors and users. Hypnoxys distributed over 31,000,000,000 tokens through its token sale, pre-sale, and with the help of two Denmark-based venture capital firms, raising a hard cap of $2,234,000 for the project in a matter of days.

Having launched the Open Alpha version of the Dapp which is available now, the team is now looking ahead into roadmap as it sets out to achieve its aims.

Next up in March, the team will look to have the HYPX token listed on exchanges. Then over the following months, the Dapp will receive a lot of attention as the fine-tuning including implementation of additional features will take priority, edging closer to the final product.

There are many projects, blockchain or not, who are vying for a portion of the messenger market, one that is diverse and gigantic. But none are doing in such a way where the users benefit from not only having peace of mind, knowing their discussions and data aren’t being tapped, but also having a means to passively earn crypto on the platform.

To find out more, head to the official Hypnoxys website here.

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Danish Bitcoin Pioneer Ronny Boesing Behind Crypto Startup Openledger

Bitcoin Press Release – Danish blockchain pioneer Ronny boesing went from selling CDs to having his own cryptocurrency exchange in 2014. Now cryptocurrencies at an estimated 5 million USD are traded daily on OpenLedger.

11th January 2018, Denmark – Since its inception into the danish market in 2014, OpenLedger now has seen more than 300 million USD worth of cryptocurrencies being traded on it’s OpenLedger platform. The 2017 cryptocurrency explosion saw OpenLedger accrue an astonishing daily trading volume of 5 million USD. Company founder Ronny Boesing forseas a formidable future in which OpenLedger will offer blockchain-technology solutions. Ronny believes that OpenLedger has the potential to follow in the footsteps of tech giants Google, Apple, Facebook or Amazon within the next 5 years. With its current business plan Openledger is striving towards a possible partnership with both Amazon and Alibaba.

Ronny Boesing made a recent comment to the Danish newspaper Boersen, stating

“I have throughout my life earned my money by bringing products to people all around the world. That is in fact what I still do. The product is just a little different,”

Rasmus Winther Moelbjerg, an expert in digital transformation in Deloitte Digital, believes that if OpenLedger is successful in creating trust within their platform and through securing partnerships, it is also possible to reach their goals.

Openledger aims to utilize blockchain technology as a part of it’s long term investment strategy. With blockchains seemly endless list of applications OpenLedger is aiming to use the technology to offer tool-kits for entrepreneurs.

Ronny is currently putting the finishing touches to his new GetGame platform, aimed at the gaming-Industry, which is not only an independent product, but also a prototype of a much bigger vision to encapsulate all industries within a single platform offering a pallete of tool-kits for entrepreneurs and startups. The goal is to offer a sort of all-inclusive incubator platform upon which it enables all users to send multiple digital currencies to a decentralized account with an advanced market place with options to take loans supported by collateral.

On the OpenLedger exchange it is the actual owner of the account that controls the money when trading. Other places, on these decentralized exchanges, it is the exchange that has access to all the currencies and in principal shut down a users account. At OpenLedger the responsibility and control of the activities inside this account is in the hands of the user.

OpenLedger exchange is built and operates on Bitshares Blockchain MIT Graphene Toolkit Technology. The users on the exchange do not need to to have the virtual currencies on their own computers if essentially all are converted to the currency Bitshares. (BTS) or stablecoins like bitUSA or bitCNY

Ronny goes on to to explain the OpenLedger service in more detail, stating:

“Part of the service that OpenLedger offers via the Bitshares network and the OpenLedger crypto gateways is for the user to exchange their crypto holding into BTS or aforementioned stablecoins for unique hedging purposes and then store their virtual currencies securely.”

The users control of the account is due to them being the only ones who can make changes to their holding of the different virtual currencies. “A decentralized exchange cannot change the ledger, or the registry, that records which kind and how many virtual currencies a user has available.

OpenLedger created their own virtual currency OBITS, on the Bitshare blockchain just over 2 years ago. This currency is both a token, reward and a voucher, which can  be used to pay for certain services and products, access platform’s or hold as passive income.

From the fees achieved from the many activities offered by OpenLedger, they have been buying back and reduced supply of OBITS of over 2 million USD since February 2017.

As part of its ITO solution OpenLedger recently began supporting Karma, a worldwide cross-border p2p loans ecosystem with marketing services and distribution of tokens, and today January 11th as one of two exchanges they are officially listing their token for trading as well. Markets are open for trading on OpenLedger in BTC or any of the other ones listed on OpenLedger like EOS, DASH, ETH, DOGE, OBITS, STEEM, bitCNY, btUSD or BTS. Instructions to deposit and withdraw Karma tokens on OpenLedger can be found here.

About Ronny Boesing and Openledger

Cryptocurrency exchange owner Ronny Boesing has had more than a successful career, starting selling video games and CD’s around the world, to starting Crypto coins exchange Denmark in 2014. The trading-platform where digital currencies like BTC could be exchanged for Fiat currencies like GBP, USD or the Danish Krone. Later renamed as OpenLedger, the platform’s launch occurred while China was in the process of banning bitcoin and Mt. Gox’s collapse.

Media Contact

Contact Name: Ronny Boesing
Location: Denmark

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