Nevada Archive Expands, Rebrands and Reinvents; Welcome to Virse TM, “Connecting the Virtual Universe”, and the ViR Token

ViMarket press Release

Bitcoin Press Release: VR marketplace ViMarket has announced its plans for its new “Virse”, upcoming token sale and Flight Deck VR Lounge Launch at this year’s CES.

11 Jan 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada –  ViMarket Inc has announced its plans for “Virse” ™ and the upcoming token sale of its native cryptocurrency, the ViR (Pronounced Vee-R) or Virtual content Token. This cryptocurrency gives users of the new immersive social gaming and E-Commerce platform, access to experience and participate in a virtual universe of digital content. In addition to this news, ViMarket is featuring their new Flight Deck VR and the CES lounge launch today.

The recent video-game phenomenon “Fortnite” exemplifies the consumer appetite for virtual goods, with players purchasing over $300M USD per month of various items for their characters including virtual clothes, weapons and even dance moves (called “emotes”). This represents just one of the successful MMO (massively multiplayer online) games out there and this sector represents a hundred billion dollar market alone.

Virse allows its users, known as citizens to utilize ViWallet, it’s cryptocurrency wallet to purchase and store its digital currency ViR, which is used within the platform for the purchase of virtual items and assets.

Kant Jain, the former CEO of Viruses predecessor, ViMarket, stated:

“There are numerous reasons that building a blockchain and cryptocurrency based content marketplace is advantageous, cryptocurrency tokens are indestructible and offer the flexibility of allowing our citizens to participate in a real economy, compliant with the prevailing regulations in their jurisdiction”

Unlike traditional in-game tokens, which cannot be transferred between users, or earned and redeemed for real-life (RL) wealth, Virse allows its users to benefit economically from using, consuming, and even creating on the platform. Citizens of the virtual universe can also utilize the ViMarket exchange which allows them to exchange the native tokens of a growing list of independent crypto-powered virtual worlds thereby facilitating the ability to seamlessly travel between their favorite ecosystems.

More details will be released throughout the token sale, the private pre-sale of which commenced October, and culminates in the public token sale, aptly named “The Big Bang”, early next year.

To learn more, and join the Virse TM revolution visit the ICO site,

Flight Deck VR Lounge Launch

Virtual reality retail shop Flight Deck VR has attracted over 700 gamers, Developers, and Crypto enthusiasts to its prestigious lounge launch event this January 10th, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The event is an opportunity for individuals to meet the Flight Deck VR crew and learn about their new uni-VIRSE. Attendees of the event are also invited to game for free all afternoon, enjoy a VIP free cocktail Mixer with music starting at 5 PM, and an opportunity to win Drake tickets.

The event will take place at the amazing Hyper X ESPORTS Arena, a 30,000-square-foot, multilevel Esports stadium. The Arena is designed to host every form of competitive gaming, from daily play to high-stakes esports tournaments, and features a competition stage, 50-foot LED video wall, telescopic seating, PC and console gaming stations.

LIVE game-play of top titles such as Fortnite and League of Legends will be FREE for all

CES Attendees that RSVP. In addition, everyone attending will be able to enjoy Virtual Reality platforms, Retro-gaming Consoles, and a comprehensive menu that sets the arena apart as an unrivaled Esports entertainment experience for both casual and professional gamers.

Attendees can learn from the FlightDeckVR crew as they launch the Virse ecosystem and enable registered participants to have early access to in-game VIR tokens.

Event attendees will all be supporting this groundbreaking vision by offering inhabitants next generation immersive hardware: ranging from entry level VR access to state of the art 3D mobile devices.

Registration Required for both the VIRSE and DRAKE Tickets and Token Opportunity

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Shiny Leaf Announces Bitcoin Cash Support & Free Gift for All Who Use It to Pay

Bitcoin Press Release: Shiny Leaf, the leading natural beauty cosmetics company, announced today that customers can now use Bitcoin Cash to pay for Shiny Leaf products at its store –

18th December 2017 – Las Vegas, Nevada – As a treat to all its customers who will be using Bitcoin Cash payments, Shiny Leaf will give a free product of the customer’s choice with their purchase. This holiday gift is available until the end of December 2017. Customers get easy payment processing for their purchase of any Shiny Leaf product and another product of equal value.

The addition of this cryptocurrency payment option is yet another step for Shiny Leaf as a leader in creating innovative and high quality natural beauty products as well as providing an improved customer experience. Head of Marketing and PR, Alisha Murray, commented on the addition of Bitcoin Cash as a payment option at Shiny Leaf:

“Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the future of payments. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to pay online. It carries practically no fees and provides customers with a seamless, hassle free buying experience. As pioneers and leaders in the beauty market, our goal is to provide top of the line and highest quality products while making sure that our customers have a pleasant online shopping experience. We want our customers to find delight in both our products and our services. Accepting Bitcoin Cash payments will help make this happen.”

What Can Bitcoin Cash Bring?

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin core that happened in August 2017 and is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies today in terms of adoption and value. It was created as an answer to the scalability issues that Bitcoin core has been facing and is causing high fees and slow transactions. Bitcoin Cash is known to provide faster transactions for customers as it increased the block size thus allowing more transactions to be processed.

Bitcoin Cash payments are fast, reliable, simple, and stable. It requires little to no fees and it is one of the most secure ways to make online purchases. The inclusion of this cryptocurrency as early adopters has made Shiny Leaf ready for the future of online shopping.

Some of Shiny Leaf’s latest product offerings that customers can now buy using Bitcoin Cash include the Argan Oil and Castor Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Sets:

“The hair nourishing ingredients in these hair care products make them a must-have shower staple that both men and women can enjoy. Our customers can also get our best-selling Cold Pressed Castor Oil and the top-rated Argan Oil using Bitcoin Cash payments,”Alisha Murray proudly announced. Both oils are pure and premium, and are certified organic by USDA and ECOCert.

“Shiny Leaf offers high quality products that use only the best ingredients and raw materials. We use best manufacturing practices and adhere to the highest standards of production in the US.”

About Shiny Leaf

Shiny Leaf is a leading cosmetics company that creates skin and hair care products with natural and organic ingredients. They create solutions and formulas that work for any skin and hair type. All of their products are produced in their world class Las Vegas manufacturing facility. All of their products truly embody Shiny Leaf’s motto of “Look Good, Love Yourself”.

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Shiny Leaf is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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