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BetterBetting Launches Pre-ICO for BETR, the Betting Currency of the Future

Bitcoin Press Release: Estonia-based BetterBetting launch their BETR platform, with details offered of their ICO which launches in December. The BETR platform will change the way we interact with P2P sports betting.

28th November, 2017 – Tallinn, Estonia -Revolutionary new decentralised sports betting marketplace, Better Betting Foundation are to debut their BETR coin, with the goal of establishing a global betting liquidity pool. BetterBetting Foundation, a software systems enabler for sports betting on the blockchain, has launched its pre- Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale ahead of its ICO in December.

The token sale introduces investors to BETR, a market changing betting cryptocurrency that will lay the foundations of the first truly decentralised peer-to-peer sports betting platform on the internet.

Supported and advised by a number of industry specialists, BetterBetting will introduce a revolutionary twist on the betting exchange model, completely eradicating the middle man from the equation. All bets will be stored on the blockchain, providing full transparency and provable fairness on all transactions, thereby eliminating all human or business activity between the two betting parties.
Ultimately, the software and standards that comprise the system will be open source and free for anyone to copy and use, paving the way for BETR to become the exclusive cryptocurrency of some of the world’s leading gaming operators.

BetterBetting is seeking a minimum $2M and maximum $30M raise from December’s ICO. These funds will be invested in the development and release of the BetterBetting protocol; the development and open-sourcing of dapps and node software; and marketing to key stakeholders and consumers, as well as legal and administrative costs.

Core to the BetterBetting system is software that implements a distributed directory of sporting events and markets, while placing bets as contracts onto the blockchain. This software is called the Better Betting Node (BBN). It acts as a distributed mirror for directories, facilitating a standard repository for sporting information that can be added to by any agent on the network, and queried in order to present user-friendly client interfaces to punters.

That means not only is it easier than traditional methods to find any specific bet, but it also makes it possible for bets to be standardised and pooled together. Liquidity will be driven by the relationships Better Betting has with their partners who already have significant market share in difficult markets around the world.

A tiered bonus system will be built in to incentivise early investment in the ICO. Thereafter, tokens will be issued at ICO value, which is set at the closest Ethereum price to US$0.10c per token. In the betting market the amount of money in escrow or accounts at any one time worldwide can exceed $50Bn. Estimating a 1% market penetration in Year 1 and given the projected market cap is already in excess of 100 times the initial market cap of BETR, token value is projected to go up significantly.

“With Better Betting we are excited to bring a new paradigm to the world of sports betting. By combining the power of blockchain with our experience and knowledge of the sports betting industry, we are introducing a new betting currency that understands the underlying structure of a sports bet, ensuring fair and robust betting opportunities between two parties, who do not have any relationship with one another.”

said Adriaan Brink, CEO & Founder, Better Betting Foundation.

“Working with major industry players, this decentralised liquidity marketplace for sports betting can be used in many different ways and provides automated programmatic interfaces so that existing sportsbooks can link into the system,” he added. “Working with, rather than against, major industry players with a zero margin model, we seek to provide the railway tracks for sports betting in the future.”

ICO pre-sales are now live and available for qualified and institutional investors. Public sales will be available mid-December 2017.

For more information on ICO:

About The Better Betting Foundation
The Better Betting Foundation was established in Estonia in 2017 to develop and make available the software systems required to enable distributed sports betting on the blockchain. The foundation, founded by Adriaan Brink and David Vanrenen, is not for profit, and has no beneficiaries. Supervisory board members are David Vanrenen, Hilly Ehrlich and Mitchell Rankin. Advisors include Jon Matonis, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jez San and Eric Benz. For more information, visit Better Betting Foundation is the source of this content.

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Mobile: +44 794704978

Better Betting is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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MyTrackNet – Connecting Users & Finding Lost Items With Or Without a Bluetooth Tracking Device

Bitcoin Press Release: Greece-based MyTrackNet give details of their revolutionary lost-and-found platform designed to reward and benefit users, and offer information about their upcoming pre-ICO and main ICO scheduled for 14th December onwards.

November 29, 2017 – Athens, Greece: MyTrackNet platform connects the owners of Bluetooth tracking devices of any manufacturer into a global unified network for scanning for lost items, overcoming competitive restrictions, and also using crypto tokens based on one of the fastest growing blockchain platform, Waves, for payments and rewards for finding lost items. The MyTrackNet mobile application will enter the market at the end of 2017 with its’ Alpha version, and will facilitate the issuance and distribution of the system tokens between December 14th of 2017 and January 30th of 2018, via a public ICO.

The goal of the platform is to create a network with a wide geographical coverage, which will include both users of Bluetooth trackers of different manufacturers and people without trackers taking advantage of the manual enquire feature which is working by providing a photo, a description and the last known location of a lost item/person/pet. The universal integration of MyTrackNet with trackers of any brand and the scheme that rewards users effortlessly solves one of the key problems in this market – the separated and sporadic CrowdGPS networks.

Any member of the MyTrackNet platform can submit an inquiry for a lost item/person or pet, which will always be free of charge. However, a user will be given the option to issue a bounty in the form of a reward within the platform for the user who will assist in locating their lost item. In this way, the amount of users who will be willing to help in finding a lost item will greatly increase with the reward given, since there will be a reward in the form of tokens or fiat currency.

The platform will also be rewarding the users who passively contribute to the network by allowing their mobile Bluetooth-enabled device to scan for lost items in the background while they go about their day, moving around the city or industrial areas. This will expand the capabilities and the efficiency of the network even farther.

The MyTrackNet platform is aiming to attract individuals from over 20 million users of Bluetooth tracking devices, most notably from the three top-selling tracking brands as well as everyday users who are looking for an extra income. In addition, small suppliers of these devices, which currently amount to about 25 companies, will be integrated into the system as well.

The scanning capabilities of the devices is also expected to increase more than four times since the new Bluetooth 5 has already been implemented into the latest smartphones, which allows users to find a lost item from a distance of up to 100 meters.


Using MyTrackNet Tokens (MTN) the users will be able to provide a bonus for finding lost items, subscribe to premium features of the service, and buy trackers and various other products from the partners of MyTrackNet. The platform will provide an opportunity to advertise products and services of external partners to the audience of its’ users for MTN. The total amount of tokens is planned to be 100,000,000.

The Pre-ICO will see 11,000,000 MTN tokens made available, for a price of $0.06/MTN. Contributors can use Bitcoin, Waves, Litecoin, and Ethereum to take part in the ICO, with contributors in Waves receiving a 20% bonus to their balance.

MyTrackNet TEAM:

Dimitrios Moschos

Dimitris is the co-owner of MicroMedica Diagnostic Clinic, where he also works as an Executive Assistant. In the meantime, he is an undergraduate medical student. As a blockchain enthusiast, he decided to start MyTrackNet based on the blockchain technology, where he introduces and implements his innovative ideas.

Marc Jansen

Prof. Marc Jansen started in holding a master’s degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science. He is currently researching different aspects of blockchain based technologies and cryptocurrencies. He is a well known member of the Waves community (@hawky) with many contributions. Marc is one of the cofounders of the wavesgo node

Dimitrios Rallis

Dimitrios holds a master’s degree in Pharmacy and he is skilled in sales and customer service. He is experienced in Business Administration and Problem Solving. He is currently studying Business Administration in Health Economics and Health Services Administration with financial assessment.

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Disclaimer: MyTrackNet is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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iPRONTO Coin: Turning Ideas into Viable Businesses with Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Press Release: iPRONTO, an innovative blockchain based platform for investors and incubators to explore opportunities and collaborate with each other, announces token sale to support entrepreneurs and startups.

November 25, 2017, Tallinn, Estonia – iPRONTO, a novel blockchain project makes use of the decentralized technology to forge the right connections for entrepreneurs and startups to turn their ideas to a viable product or a business. The platform, built over Ethereum blockchain is powered by a native token – iPRONTO Coin. The platform is going to open its token crowdsale soon, to fund development of the entire ecosystem.

The iPRONTO platform will be available as an easy to deploy blockchain platform that connects all the stakeholders of the startup ecosystem on a common platform. Ready for deployment within existing startup incubator and accelerator programs, the platform connects the Board of Directors of Incubation Centers; Incubation Functional Units; Client Companies; External Freelancers/Employees; VC & ICO Participants; and Government and Regulatory Bodies.

iPronto Bitcoin PR Buzz

iPRONTO platform provides the necessary tools to implement smart contracts for handling Accounting & Finance, Services; Legal and Regulatory processes; Investments (VCs, Angel Investors, and ICOs); and Government functions.

The platform also has a well-defined screening procedure in place to onboard eligible startups on to the platform, which is handled by an expert onboarding committee, subject to voting by the community. Selected startups/team will then stand to receive guidance and a variety of services to make the best out of the process.

To ensure transparency, reliability, and accountability, iPRONTO in addition to blockchain implementation also ensures compliance with AML and KYC norms with respect to global standards. The iPRONTO Coin pre-sale is set to go live on November, 27, 2017, to be followed soon by the main token sale starting January, 20, 2018.

The total number of iPRONTO Coins is set at 45 million, of which 27 million will be made available to the crowdsale participants.


iPRONTO is a blockchain powered solution to provide incubation and a range of business services to entrepreneurs and startups. The platform is designed to work directly with stakeholders in the ecosystem and can be plugged into any existing incubator program across the world. In future, iPRONTO will be building an entire ecosystem, including peer to peer crypto exchange, and a cryptocurrency fund house as well as licensing of whole ecosystem to genuinely support incubators.

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Media Contact
Contact Name: Vinod Dhakre
Contact Designation: CEO
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Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Disclaimer: Due to current regulatory conditions in certain geographies, the iPRONTO token sale will be unavailable to the residents of United States, China, South Korea, Singapore and other countries where the participation in ICO and token sales are banned.

Idea Paradise Technologies is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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