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ReddCoin Leads DEFCON29 Blockchain Village Event to Educational Track Contest Success

Bitcoin Press Release: Social currency project Reddcoin led the DEFCON29 Blockchain Village event to educational track contest success from August 6th to 8th, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


13th August 2021, Las Vegas, NM Redd successfully demonstrated blockchain technology and decentralized apps at the world-famous security conference DEFCON29 and to bring “ReddID” and the cryptocurrency, ReddCoin (RDD), to the world’s foremost collection of security experts. 


DEFCON Blockchain Event

At DEFCON, Redd held a “Capture-The-Flag” style b hackathon event aimed at exploring, discovering, and exposing the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency name registration and social tipping product to talented and motivated security experts of all kinds. Prizes were awarded in RDD, the native cryptocurrency of the ReddCoin ecosystem, as well as ETH-based NFTs allocated to those achieving the highest scores. The original version of ReddID as a self-contained and customized target was made available for the event and was tested with an open security challenge to all.


The Blockchain Village is very excited to announce that Reddcoin was selected to be the first to participate in a brand new Blockchain Village Educational Track. The Educational Track @BCoS Village presents DEFCON attendees an opportunity to prove their learning skills through “Capture The Flag” style educational content specifically focused on blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


First Crypto Project at DEFCON

The theme of this year’s DEFCON event is “Integrity”, and the in-person event was held in Paris, Las Vegas, Nevada, from August 6th – 8th, 2021. Redd is proud to be the first cryptocurrency project presented at this event and welcomes any and all hackers, techies, creatives, blockchain and crypto fans, or anyone else to join our ReddHead community and learn more about the technology and philosophy that underlies our projects’ efforts. 


Project Redd

Project Redd, started as a social movement and philosophical guide that emerged from ReddCoin (RDD) the cryptocurrency. There is now a new unique PoSVv2 (Proof-of-Stake-Velocity version 2) consensus staking protocol, allowing for self-empowerment on the project, individual and movement levels simultaneously. Anyone interested in joining the movement and helping build Redd’s future, is encouraged to visit the DEFCON & event for insight into RDD, ReddID, or be in the chance to win prizes and some insanely interesting content from all of the presenters and speakers.


Blockchain technology has changed not only the way we transact value but also the way we look at security. Out of many distinguishing features, the distributed Ledger is one of the most powerful concepts brought forward by Blockchains, which has moved the trust from a conventional trusted third party and put it in a trust-less distributed system. 


This year at Blockchain Village brings back the Capture-The-Coin contest running in parallel with more hands-on workshops (Mathematical and Practical) along with cutting edge Talks-n-Tools, noteworthy Demos-n-Discussions, all focused on the security of Blockchains and Distributed Applications. 


Join Redd at DEFCON 29 as we celebrate the power and potential of Distributed applications, enabled by Blockchain technology.


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