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The NFT Universe Now Has Its First Goddess: IRIS

December 15th, 2021, Los Angeles – Iris Au, the CEO of Iris World, is launching her newest NFT collection: Goddess Iris. Created out of the need to brighten and emancipate the non-fungible token landscape, Iris World will show an earlier unexplored side of NFTs. The project foresees many upcoming top-tier celebrity collaborations, the Kardashian Kloset being the first out of many to come. 

The Goddess Iris collection features a hot and “fierce” woman. This is the Goddess Iris, showing herself to the world and symbolizing confidence and boldness. She is a sign of continuous progress, the power of the feminine, and a welcome addition to the male-dominated blockchain world. Her growth and popularity are supported by other symbols of stardom.

A Different Goddess for Everyone

The Iris World collection will include 7,777 NFTs, each unique and with a special utility, including owning a part of the Iris World Metaverse real estate, a chance to win an exotic Lamborghini, Tesla, a Rolex watch, and 7 winners will receive $7,777 worth of Ethereum. The differences in the goddesses featured on each of the PFPs can range from different eye colors to even changes as noticeable as distinct noses and mouths. Iris will not only differ in body-related features, her outfit and background will also undergo a variety of changes. 

With the support from an experienced and energetic team that includes members who worked on the Angry Apes NFT collection, which sold out in mere minutes, the Goddess Iris NFT will be available to buy on December 21st, 2021. This is a one-of-a-kind project, targeting the male-dominated crypto space with a powerful, feminine touch. Through collaborative efforts with people who achieved stardom and the visual appeal of the Goddess Iris, Iris World is sure to make an impact on the crypto sphere. 

Iris World Meets Kardashian Kloset

The Iris World – Kardashian Kloset collaboration will illustrate the power that NFTs hold. Iris World will feature an exclusive 1 of 1 NFT Drop of a Hermès Birkin handbag from The Kardashian family’s world-renowned collection with its original, signed box. The winner of the auction will not only get the NFT artwork itself but also the physical item. This kind of fashion accessory can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the value that a Kardashian autograph adds. The creator of Iris World is well aware of the power that celebrities hold.


Iris brings a fresh take on PFPs, collaborating with the most followed celebrities on the planet. Perched in her home in Beverly Hills, California, we were able to speak to Iris in an exclusive interview.  


Speaking about the launch, Au commented: 


“We want to bring NFTs mainstream, and we have the star power to do this. We want to include women. We want to empower girls while targeting all the men in the crypto space. We’re inclusive. The Kardashian family’s fashion style is internationally recognized and we are thrilled to be collaborating with the Kardashian Kloset


Cici Bussey, CEO of Kardashian Kloset, also commented: 


“We are excited to be collaborating with IRIS WORLD to offer this rare opportunity from the personal closet of The Kardashian girls’ world-renowned collection of Hermes handbags. This exquisite hand-crafted brown leather Birkin bag is presented in its original signed box.”


Iris World leverages the celebrity following of the Kardashians and, combined with the ideas of Iris World; this collaboration has all of the necessary characteristics that will create the future of NFTs in the mainstream world.


About Iris World

Iris World (Iris World Inc.) is a company headquartered in Delaware in the United States. Employing an energetic and experienced team known for their work on the Gambling Apes NFT collection, they aim to create a revolution on the NFT landscape. 


With a global team of professionals from the United States, Canada, and Asia, Iris World wants to bridge the gap between the inaccessible and often confusing reality of non-fungible tokens and the people who wish to participate in the digital revolution. Fuelled by celebrity followings and their Goddess Iris collection, they are on a path to establish themselves in the blockchain world.


For more about Iris World and its exclusive new Kardashian-themed NFT collection, visit their website here.


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