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Preserve Your Crypto Profits in Silver with Vaultoro Exchange

vaultoro exchange

Bitcoin Press Release: Vaultoro exchange, the crypto currency and gold exchange announces the landmark addition of silver, giving users the ability to buy, sell, trade and secure the precious metal from December 17th. 


29th December 2020, Cardiff – Cryptocurrency exchange Vaultoro is known for enabling their traders to secure profits and store them in physical, insured and audited Swiss gold bullion. On December 17th 2020, Valutoro announced the support of silver bullion on its exchange, instantly making itself accessible to both cryptocurrency and precious metals investors.


Vaultoro CEO Joshua Scigala explains why silver could soon expect a price boom, stating:


“Silver has a great opportunity as it has fantastic antibacterial and antiviral properties. As we all know, 2020 has shown why this is important. This makes silver one of the best assets to diversify into when investing in rare physical assets.”


Silver trading pairs

Both bitcoin and gold have seen a huge rise in value in 2020 whilst silver is still considered to be undervalued. Interest in Silver has risen considerably this year, as is expected to continue, with the medical industry recognising its potent antibacterial properties, along with its growing use in electronics. 


In response to huge demand for bank-independent profit taking from crypto traders and precious metal enthusiasts, Vaultoro has now bridged the longstanding gap with this groundbreaking integration of silver bullion pairs, offering one of the cheapest ways to buy, sell and secure silver bullion. Current tradable pairs are, SILVER / BTC and SILVER / DASH with SILVER /GOLD and SILVER / ETH coming soon.

Silver Airdrop to all Vaultoro users

To celebrate the integration of silver, Vaultoro is airdropping 5Kg of silver bullion (5 grams per person), vaulted in one of the most secure vaulting facilities in the world, the Brinks Zurich tax free zone vaulting facility. This silver is secured in the owners name and is their legal property so even if something happened to Vaultoro, no one can touch the bullion, not even liquidators. 

Anyone interested in the silver airdrop must log in by the 7th of January 2021. 


What is Vaultoro Exchange?

Many users risk getting their bank accounts frozen when taking crypto profits off the table. Vaultoro is the perfect exchange for anyone interested in taking profits made in crypto and holding them bank independently in physical gold or silver. Users can trade numerous cryptocurrencies, and move their gains into physical assets like silver, for long or short-term stability without the threat of having their bank accounts frozen. 


Vaultoro gives its users easy access to professionally vaulted, fully insured and audited gold and silver bullion. Storage of silver also costs users particularly low amounts in fees – clocking in at only 0.003% per day. Users can trade back to crypto at any time to buy the coming bitcoin dip. Silver (like gold) is secured in the owner’s name as their legal property in a private, bank independent top-tier Swiss vaulting facility. Gold is audited by one of the largest auditors in the world in BDO. 


Get Paid To Trade

Everyone hates paying trading fees, and Vaultoro turned trading fees on its head by actually paying trading fees to users instead of charging them on crypto to crypto pairs. The exchange uses an order book on which thousands of users can trade with each other and find a fair price, if users place an order in the orderbook as a market maker, they will be paid a negative trading fee for adding liquidity to the exchange.

Why Storage fees are so low

Due to the large volumes of gold Vaultoro exchange secures for their clients, the vaulting fees are much lower than any individual would have to pay. Vaultoro passes those bulk savings directly on to the user.


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