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Nemus Launches Platform to Bridge the Gap Between Blockchain and Land Conservation

Press Release: Emerging DeFi and NFT conservation-based project, Nemus, is launching its platform to promote sustainable economic activities in the Amazon Rainforest to protect land and endangered flora and fauna in the rainforest.


January 10th, 2022, São Paulo, BrazilAfter many months of work in the pipeline, Nemus is preparing to launch its NFT platform which will provide a collectible NFT experience with various game mechanics that incentivize activity to conserve and preserve the Amazon rainforest. 


Nemus differs from existing NFT land projects as it deals with actual land in the Amazon providing a critical extension into the “real” world. This is the logical and inevitable next step in the land-based NFT space as an increasing number of real-estate-based NFT projects launch globally.


Rooted firmly in conservation, Nemus aims to protect rainforest land and the various endangered species of flora and fauna in the Amazon through sustainable economic activities. So far, Nemus has secured 41,000 hectares of actual at-risk land in the Amazon rainforest, an area approximately equivalent to the size of Paris (40 sq mi), Amsterdam (84 sq mi), and San Francisco (46 sq mi) combined. An additional 6.1 million hectares (~15 million acres) is currently under negotiation and soon to be at the ready.  


Forming a protective belt in one of the most threatened areas of the Amazon, Nemus will deter illegal loggers, ranchers and any other entity aiming to exploit the rainforest for personal gain.  Nemus has prioritized its lands into regions, which are then divided into land “drops.” The Genesis NFT Drop, scheduled to be held in Q1 of 2022, will feature ~10,000 NFTs tied to actual parcels of land in the rainforest.  


Buying or holding a Nemus NFT makes you a Guardian – an automatic member of the upcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which also includes the founding and operational members of the Nemus Foundation. The implementation of the DAO will start simply as a sounding board for activity on the land, where Guardians can share their voice and signal toward specific proposals. Many of the decisions for economic activity will be led by the Nemus Foundation in an effort to exemplify the types of sustainable activities available.


As explained in detail in Nemus’ litepaper, ownership of an NFT is not a claim to ownership of the land, however NFTs can be used to earn the native NEA token, unlock ongoing game rewards, and foster sustainable activity on the land. Rewards come in the form of $NEA tokens—Nemus native token—enhanced NFT features, and opportunities to mint entirely new NFTs, depending on the gaming mode one chooses to interact with.


About Nemus

Nemus is a DeFi and NFT project that facilitates conservation of the earth’s natural resources and habitats. It purchases at-risk lands and protects them by implementing sustainable economic activities. Apart from being backed by several sponsors and partners, Nemus leverages a team of industry and technical experts to help steer its groundbreaking platform towards success. 


Its founder and CEO, Flavio de Meira Penna, has owned several companies in Brazil focused on sustainable rainforest operations. He is also a serial entrepreneur, having headed diverse startups in finance and communications.


The team also includes several blockchain and web development experts with a history of success building innovative platforms, as well as several partners who will leverage their extensive networks to position Nemus at the forefront of conservation innovation.    


For more information about Nemus, the Genesis NFT drop, and how to mint tickets, visit their website here.


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